We have a range of equipment available to improve your library experience or to help you out for 24 hours.

Visit Archipel to check availability or to make a reservation.

Recharging your batteries

  • Cables : Lightning (Apple), Micro-USB, USB-C

Optimise your computer

  • USB-C/USB female adapter
  • Headphones (Jack ou Bluetooth)
  • Keyboard
  • USB key
  • DVD player (borrowable for 7 days)
  • Mouse
  • Graphic tablet (borrowable for 7 days)
  • Webcam

Noise reduction

  • Noise-cancelling headphones
  • Earplugs

Project on a screen

  • Cables :
    • HDMI / HDMI, Micro-HDMI or USB-C
    • VGA / VGA
    • DisplayPort / DisplayPort
  • In-hand remote with laser pointer
  • Document viewer (or objects, gestures) from work surface to screen (borrowable for 7 days)

Use our collaborative workspaces

  • Kits including equipment compatible with our screens (for on-site use only)
    • Clickshare or QCastMirror (projecting)
    • Cables (project and/or control your laptop from the screen)
    • Stylus (write on the screen)
    • Remote control or Keyboard (control the screen remotely)
  • Whiteboard markers

And also

  • Stapler for bundles of 2 to 80 pages (for on-site use only)
  • Calculator
  • Multi-socket
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