For the enac community

As an ENAC student or staff member, you are automatically registered with the library and can borrow with your ENAC card. As the school is part of the University of Toulouse network, you can borrow from all the university libraries in the network.

Access to electronic documentation is strictly reserved for ENAC students and staff.

For external users

If you are not an ENAC student and would like to register, please fill in the registration form and send it to

Depending on your status, you may or may not be entitled to free registration. Users and staff of establishments which belong to the network benefit of free registration. Those who have signed free registration agreements with establishments in the Toulouse university network too.

Loan rules

  • Unlimited number of documents : 8 weeks, renewable for 4 weeks
  • Equipment loans
  • from your Archipel reader account
  • by email to :
  • by phone : (+33) (0)

If borrowed documents are lost or damaged, you must buy them back. If this is not possible, you will be charged the following amounts:

  • scientific book: 80 €
  • non-scientific book: 10 €
  • DVD: 50 €
  • board games : 15 €


Toulouse network

Find, reserve and bring to ENAC a document from a library in the Toulouse university network thanks to the shuttle service.

  1. From Archipel, log in to your reader account
  2. Select the document you are looking for and reserve it
  3. The shuttle service will take the document to the library of your choice
  4. You will receive an email as soon as it is available
  5. You have one week to come and register the loan, then the loan will be returned
  • You can drop off your documents at any library in the Toulouse university network.
  • You can also drop them off in the book box located at the bottom of the library stairs.
  • Equipment must only be returned to the ENAC library.

Bringing in a document

Interlibrary loan – ILL

The inter-library loan (ILL) is a document supply service that allows users to bring in documents from other libraries, in France or abroad, that are not available in Toulouse university libraries.

These documents may be originals (books) or copies of articles (journals, book chapters).

This service is free for anyone registered with the ENAC library.

Before making your request, please check first that the document is not in the collections of Toulouse university libraries by consulting Archipel.

Make your ILL request online

It takes approximately 1 week to obtain the documents. We will inform you as soon as we receive them.

ILL documents can be collected and returned at the library reception desk.

ILL conditions are set by the library lending the document, for approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

If you need an extension, please let us know.

This service is chargeable to libraries by IFLA Voucher or free of charge in the case of reciprocity in France or abroad.

  • Photocopies of articles
French public institutions with reciprocal agreementFree of charge
French public or private institutions outside reciprocity agreement1/2 IFLA Voucher*
Establishments abroad1 IFLA Voucher*
1 IFLA Voucher = 8 € ; 1/2 IFLA Voucher = 4 €
  • Loan of books
French public institutions with reciprocal agreementFree of charge
French public or private institutions without reciprocity agreement  1 IFLA Voucher*
Establishments abroad2 IFLA Voucher*
2 IFLA Voucher = 16 € ; 1 IFLA Voucher = 8 €


Would you like to suggest the purchase of a document? Fill in the form below.

We will consider your suggestion and keep you informed by e-mail of the outcome of your request. If it is accepted, you will be informed as soon as we receive the document.

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