Open archive

  • Generic term used to name a platform for access to open access content, sometimes also called an “open archive reservoir”.

cOAlition S

  • European initiative involving 11 national research funding organizations, with one goal : “From 2021, all scholarly publications presenting the results of research funded by public or private grants awarded by national, regional and international research councils and funding organizations must be published in Open Access Journals, via Open Access Platforms, or deposited immediately in Open Access repositories, without embargo”.

Research data

Open access

  • Unhindered financial, legal or technical dissemination of scientific publications and research data, in digital format and in compliance with copyright.

National plan for open science

  • French government action plan to develop concrete measures to promote open access to the results of scientific research. To find out more

Plan s

  • cOAlition S roadmap describing the objective of the project and the 10 principles to be implemented to achieve it. Find out more

Open science

  • Open science is the “unhindered dissemination of the results, methods and products of scientific research”.
  • “refers to the whole range of ways and means of enriching scientific work brought about by digital technology.” (from the white paper Une Science ouverte dans une République numérique, CNRS, 2016)

Golden path

  • Or gold open access: content is open access as soon as it is published. Economic models are implemented to guarantee financial income to cover publishing costs. To find out more

Green open access

  • Or green open access: authors self-archive their publications in an open archive. Find out more
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